Get Your Product Reviewed

Want us to review your product?

We are interested in reviewing as many survival/prepping related products as we can. If you are a product manufacturer and would like to have us test your product, please contact with information on your product.

What does it cost?

We do not accept cash, gifts, or other favors as payment for a review. It is our aim to provide honest product reviews, even bad ones, so that our customers can make informed decisions. We make our money off of affiliate links in our Amazon store, or other blog links. If you wish to have us review your product, we will create a review with links for our readers to buy your item, which we will get a small commission from. Your product should be available at Amazon or a store with an affiliate program, although that’s not necessarily a requirement.

Note that we do not return reviewed products. Some may call that “payment” – I call that not wanting to drive 6 miles to the post office. However, we also reserve the right to use the product as a giveaway in any site contests.

How long does it take to get a review?

Our policy is to try and have a review posted in about 4-6 weeks from getting the product delivered to us. This provides ample time to test the product (we do have day jobs too), as well as time to write, edit, and publish the review. For smaller products (like an Everyday Carry), we want to spend a few weeks walking around with the product to see how well it integrates with the wearer.

Still interested?

Contact for more information. Please provide a link to your website, particularly to the product you would like reviewed. If we accept your product for review, supplemental materials (spec sheets, manuals, etc) should be provided as well.