About Us

HeadquartersThanks for visiting the SurvivalSupplyHQ blog! I started this site in 2013 to bring together new and experienced survivalists and preppers to talk about all the things we love about survivalism and prepping.

We are dedicated to providing quality articles and reviews about survival gear, skills, and prepping without the hype and sensationalism found on most prepping blogs.

This is HQ, a wonderful 6 acre mountain property in rural Maryland. We are surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected woodlands with access to long term water supplies and the natural bounty of the forest. Join us as we turn our homestead into a self sufficient (well, as close as one can get!) permanent home base for long term bugging in.


Meet Our Group




Budding survivalist, family head honcho, and chief writer and tester for our survival gear reviews. As a hunter and fisherman, he has spent a majority of his life living in cabins and remote outposts, while still managing to learn a thing or two about computers. His full time job is in IT, while writing posts here in his spare time.




Resident hippie and new convert to the survival and prepping lifestyle. Raised in the mountains of New Hampshire by wolves, she knows her way around the forest, but prefers to do it in tie-dye instead of camo. She’s also the team artist, and enjoys making paracord bracelets and other projects around the homestead.





Our little survivalist. He loves his camo about as much as his car seat. He seems to enjoy fire, and should soon become the resident bushcraft fire expert of the team. Though we’re still a little leery of giving him his own survival knife, we’re confident he could probably chew through just about any tree and will use his own branded “Beaver Method” of chopping trees in his bushcraft projects.



Support our Project

We started this blog as a way to help share things we learn about survival and prepping. It is a labor of love, but it does cost us money for hosting and such. In our posts, we do have Amazon links which we get paid a (very) meager amount if you purchase something. We appreciate if you like what you read, that you buy through our links. Even if you don’t buy the exact product you click on, we will get some sort of commission.