• Get Home Bag Basics

    Get Home Bag Basics

    The basics of a get home bag are simple: If you’re not at home, be able to get home. Most people don’t carry a fully loaded bug out bag with them everywhere they [...]
  • Another round of strong storms hit the northeast this week, causing havoc including a potential tornado touchdown, flipping over cars in a South Jersey mall parking lot. Here in northern Maryland, we lost power for about 14 hours and while it wasn’t the worst power outage I’ve lived through – we realized that we still need to do better. Today, I wanted [...]
  • SHTF Vehicle Scavenging
    Whether you’re bugging out and passing by that old junkyard, or planning a supply run from your urban survivors’ compound – chances are you’ll run into an abandoned car or two after SHTF. Abandoned vehicles can be a great source of survival supplies an shouldn’t be overlooked if you have the tools and time to scavenge a some items. No, this [...]
  • Bugging Out to the Wilderness?

    Bugging Out to the Wilderness?

    If you haven’t already solidified a proper bug out plan, chances are your basic backup plan is something along the lines of hoofing it into the backwoods and enjoying the classic mountain man life of being a hermit and living …
  • How To Bug Out

    How To Bug Out

    You waited to bug out until AFTER disaster struck, and here you are…stuck in a long line of other idiots who just sat around waiting for things to get better. Your bug out vehicle is loaded to the gills with …
  • Pocket Survival Tools for EDC

    Pocket Survival Tools for EDC

    You can’t carry your bug out bag with you everywhere, right? As much as I’d like to – walking around the grocery store with a 40# pack on my back would get some strange looks! And it’s just not practical …
  • One Month Food Supply – Prepper Meal Planning

    One Month Food Supply – Prepper Meal Planning

    How do you really know how much food you have stored, if you don’t know what meals you’re going to make and how many you can make with what you have? It’s impossible to know just precisely how many days, …
  • Bugging Out With Batteries: Time To Simplify

    Bugging Out With Batteries: Time To Simplify

    I’m generally not one to advocate a great deal of tech toys in your bug out bag. Having a lot of survival gear that relies on electricity means carrying extra batteries for every device you need to use, and that …
  • Survival Kits for Kids

    Survival Kits for Kids

    When building bug out bags for your family, most experts recommend that each person in your family have their own survival kit in case you need to bug out. That goes for kids too. Of course, you probably aren’t going …
  • Bug Out Food List: What To Pack In A B.O.B.

    Bug Out Food List: What To Pack In A B.O.B.

    Every bug out bag should have some sort of food to keep you going during your bug out situation. Today’s post is our bug out food list, giving you some great ideas about what kind of food you should think …

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